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                                        ~CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE~                                                                  
~Encouraging things you can do for Children every day~
The mind and Heart need fed positive encouragements for nourishment. A way to doing this is to have the encouragements evoke positive emotions within one's self. Expressing unconditional love helps Children build self-esteem, feel acknowledged, promotes mental and social growth, and instills compassion and awareness. A positive fun way to do this is to leave Children uplifting notes to find later in their day. I'll leave you with a few affirmations below that would fit young children. In my experience, even older school children benefit from this.
  • A note in there lunch bag
  • Sneak a note in their pocket of a jacket before they're off to school
  • Write things from the Heart, like; I love You!, You make me smile! (& draw a smiley)
  • Let's have ice cream after school in the park!
  • I'm thinking of you!
  • Kindness wins!
  • You're beautiful!
  • I believe in you
  • You are always an A+ with me!
© India Damaris 

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