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Damaris Dreams

©2019 Damaris Dreams
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~CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE~                                                                                              

                              ~Encouraging things you can do for your Children every day~
Mind and Heart Power need fed positive statements about who we are, and what we can become and experience. The key in doing this effectively is to have them evoke positive emotions within. Expressing unconditional  Love helps Children build self-esteem, feel acknowledged, promotes mental and social growth, and instills compassion. A positive fun way to do this is to leave your Children uplifting notes to find later in their day. I'll leave you with a few affirmations below that would fit most or different ages':

  • A note in there lunch bag
  • Sneak one in the pocket of their jacket before they're off to school
  • Write things from the Heart, like; I love You!, You make me smile! (& draw a smiley)
  • Let's have ice cream after school!
  • I'm thinking of you!
  • Kindness wins!
  • You're beautiful!
  • I believe in you~
  • You are always an A+ with me!

~India's Quotes ~

“Imagine ziplining through your own brain but on purpose...”

“Don’t change just to change, improve”

“Tend to your own backyard, not your neighbors; weeds show & tell”

“Words are just that”

"There is a 'speed of darkness', you can only feel it"

"Corporations are structured, do you belong?"

"1 candle and as many wishes you can muster in 1 blowout"

"180 degrees west, northwest"

"All shades of purple are powerful"

"You are a Super Hero for the healing of Humankind"

"Glitter is magic and Sparkle is magic too"

© India Damaris

Eleven Spirits for Living:
Think simple to do simple to be simple
Understand that loving yourself is being honest with yourself
Love unconditionally 
Soul smile with your eyes and mouth, hug with your heart
Let be things that affect you and effect things that do
Let your inner orange remind you of your past lessons
Wear your love on your sleeves and honor on your shoulders
Share the Sunlight
Be clean in body, mind and spirit
Rejoice in our differences, respectfully
Enlighten your path with crystal energy

© India Damaris 

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