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India's Sky
$375 usd.       Acrylic 36"h x 24w" on stretched canvas frame, medium gloss varnish. The inspiration for my 1st novel, "Till You And I Found Us".
Flow_2nd Chakra
OM_Crown Chakra
Emerald Damaris Products
I accept PayPal at this time. If you have any questions/inquiries of purchasing Paintings, Photography prints, Damaris Design Originals, or would like more information, please select "Request Info" and provide the product title.
$125 usd.       Acrylic 11" x 14" on flat canvas board, medium gloss . Two in a series of 7.
$125 usd.     Acrylic 11" x 14" on flat canvas board, medium gloss. One in a series of 7.
Many of my designs can be viewed and purchased on http://www.emma-newly.com
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